Firestream - 1394 TS to Network Streamer

What is it?

Have you ever wanted to take video from your cablebox and push it over a LAN? firestream is a utility that takes firewire output from a cablebox and transmits it over the network using either udp or multicast.


Download source code here

How to build:

Usage examples:

firestream uses raw1394 libraries which requires a node to connect to. The program can automatically select the first active node or the user can specify a node. Users can find active nodes by using the plugreport utility. The active nodes will show oPCR and iPCR online. If a user wants to specify a node the first parameter needs to be -n followed by node number.

To send 1394 output to computer and port 6000 via udp:

To send 1394 output to multicast network and port 6000:

To use 1394 node 1 and sent output to computer and with port 6000 as destination via udp:
firestream -n 1

Playing output on computer

Using vlc streaming to On the machine with network address


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